For your consideration, I offer you the following:

Tantra Touch and Sensual Awakening Experiences

Consider requesting a Sacred Honoring Ceremony to any one of the sessions below

The session lengths below are in relationship to customary donations. Please tell me if you are on a time limit. I am not a clock watcher. Each session takes on it’s own energy and each person is different. A great part of what I teach is about being in the moment.

Sensual Awakening is where we begin if you are new to the concept of Sacred Sensuality or simply wanting to truly “zone out.” If this is your first visit, plan to spend about 15 -20 additional minutes for a get-acquainted discussion period. Sensual Awakening will re-connect you with your body and its potential for pleasure. Using lingering sensual touch, breath and total relaxation, your body and soul will be awakened inch by inch, cell by cell. The focus will be on keeping you in a state of bliss for an extended period of time. It is a full-body, interactive experience which incorporates sacred spot (prostate) honoring upon request. This erotic experience will leave you with feelings of energetic calm and peace for several days.

Customary donations for Tantra Touch & Sensual Awakening experiences  are:

2.0 hours – $400 (includes spa/pool time if desired)

2.5 hours – $450 (includes spa/pool time if desired)

For the very busy professional who needs a well-deserved break during a hectic stress filled day, consider this:
a 90-minute Tantra Touch – It’s All About You!
available at Sacred Haven – Kissimmee only
11 am thru 4 pm start times – Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) –  $350



NOTE:Sensual Guidance & Intimacy Coaching Experiences require at least one prior Tantra Touch and Sensual Awakening or GoddessVoice or GoddessCam experience with EveLynn or another Erotic Educator or Tantra practitioner who will give reference.  If you wish to schedule a GoddessVoice or GoddessCam experience prior to scheduling this visit, please read  GoddessVoice and GoddessCam information and contact EveLynn by email to set up a time.

In a Sensual Guidance Session, you will learn to give as well as receive Erotic Touch. You will become familiar with Taoist Erotic Massage techniques and Tantra ceremonies such as the honoring of lingam and yoni. You will also learn to incorporate the magic of breath and ritual into your sensual encounters. Sensual Coaching may include Sacred Honoring of the Divine Feminine,  Self-pleasuring Guidance, confidence building exercises as well as Fantasy Play as  honoring and non-judgmental ways to explore and experience possibilities which may not be available in your “real world.”

Customary Donations for Sensual Guidance & Intimacy Coaching are:

2.0 hours $500 (includes spa/pool time if desired)

2.5 hours $575 (includes spa/pool time if desired)

To include another sacred sexuality practitioner, male or female, in your experience,   email EveLynn to request additional information

For information about 3 or more hour Erotic Escapes of Overnight and multi-day Sensual Retreats, please email EveLynn for more information.