Here are letters from others who have come into  EveLynn’s sacred space. There are reviews and responses to various sessions, so read an enjoy.

To Those who hesitate…..

EveLynn: A Testament to my new Spiritual and Erotic Guide:

I usually reserve my testimonials for individuals who have had a profound effect and impact upon my life. You really gotta rock my world to its foundation and turn it on its ear for me write one of these. After meeting the esteemed EveLynn recently I can say with 100 percent certainty that she not only shook that foundation but rattled it to my very core and did so with a smile (or evil grin depending on your vantage pointL.) I can also state with the utmost sincerity that my time with Eve was the most enlightening experience of my entire life. She is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom and is a guide who genuinely cares for those she educates and takes under her wings. She is a master and a sage, but she is also more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys, all the fireworks of the 4th of July, all the Mardi Gras beads and Las Vegas all rolled into one wild and unforgettable encounter. Meeting Eve was akin to experiencing my own personal sensual holiday, a holiday that I did not want to end. From the moment I walked into her awesome temple until our last embrace before I departed I was hooked on her every word, touch, glance and expression. Despite the fact that we had never actually met before, I was immediately familiar with her, like we were long-lost friends and lovers. Maybe we crossed paths in a past life. Who knows? All I know is that from the moment our session started until it finished every atom and molecule in my body was electrified and pulsing. Even her most simple touches acted much like lazing a stick of dynamite inside me, setting off a chain reaction of feelings and energy. My body convulsed and coursed with that energy she helped me harness. I truly did experience a state of altered consciousness during my time with her. I honestly felt as if I had left my body during my time in her temple. There were moments during our time together that I couldnt tell the difference between what was reality and what I was experiencing. I kind of likened it to a kind of Sexual Matrix only this was minus Keanu Reeves LOL. I lapped up every bit of knowledge she offered me and she even assigned me homework! She is such a great teacher but she is also a great friend who I trust implicitly with helping guide me through my current erotic and spiritual journey. This journey is important to me as it’s tied with my own development as a man and a human being. I wouldn’t trust just anyone with helping me walk this path. EveLynn earned my trust from the second she rocked my soul. Eve you are amazing baby. I cannot wait to continue on my journey with your guidance. Thank you.
T.J.- Temple Terrace, FL


To feel and be whole again – what a happy thing.  It didn’t take months or weeks or even days.   My first experience proved what EveLynn told me before we met.  There was nothing wrong with me.  I just didn’t understand how my body has energy and how they are related.  It all makes sense and once I relaxed and let go of the fear, everything was more than fine.  I am not a useless old man whose body is not up to his desires.   i am a sexy senior citizen.  I am so glad i met Evelynn.  best road trip I ever took.   I feel like a xxxxx teenager again.  Breath and squeeze – three little words. Ha!

Clayton M.- Ft. Myers, FL

In retrospect and reflection –

Fullness of my breath
Flowing smoothly, warmth inside
Eruption from the deep.
 …… a different form of poetry
What more can I say, one of the most erotic and exquisite experiences of my life.  It was worth waiting for just the right time and just the right day.  I am a changed being.
Paul C. – Apopka, FL


I met with EveLynn yesterday afternoon at her home in Kissimmee. Upon meeting, we realized that we had known of each other previously from almost 20 years ago. Oh my gosh, we spent a nice chunk of time throwing around names of people we remembered from that time. It seemed like we were destined to have our paths cross again and the shared memories put me right at ease.

 After my talking a bit about some of the things going on in my life and her explaining to me some of the procedures of the upcoming session, we moved to the healing sanctuary, as she calls it. As the session began, she had me practice deep breathing and elaborated upon the history of the sensual touch. Much of what she said I understood on an instinctual level as opposed to a logical level, if that makes sense. As the experience continued and my breathing (with her gentle coaching) took me into a deeper meditative level, I truly could feel my stress and anxieties traveling up my spine and exiting the top of my head. Furthermore, I could begin to feel myself separating from my body. Regretfully, my conscious mind kept me tethered close, but at a point I was able to gain enough separation to be able to be able to look down, as if over her shoulder. But it was ill-formed, like outlines with nothing filled in. At another point she had her face very close to mine and I tell you (and you can doubt if you want) that I was able to clearly see her third eye manifest itself to me right in the middle of her forehead. I blinked several times scarcely believing what I was seeing, but it remained clearly visible for a minute or so. I simply cannot do justice with mere words the gamut of sensations and emotions that I traveled through with EveLynn’s guidance. And when it was over, all I could do was tremble (or wallow as EveLynn told me) for several minutes as if I was a newborn babe. As I have said, words cannot convey the journey I experienced. It was highly personal and deeply felt to my very core. I mean, I never was a doubter, but now, I’m a believer.

I thank EveLynn for being there and I thank me for allowing myself to go.

 TT – Brandon, FL

I just returned from six months overseas about two weeks ago, and during the last month or two of my travels I had developed a small problem that was nagging at my confidence. I can say without exaggeration that my session with EveLynn was a life-altering experience. In my most optimistic dreams I could not have imagined what I would learn and experience with EveLynn. So as not to give away her trade secrets I will simply say that she employs a unique approach that draws on Taoist spirituality and emphasizes breathing techniques to focus on sensate enjoyment and, more specifically, to keep from wandering off into conscious thoughts that distract from the sensate experience. Her approach teaches tantric touch in which all parties to the experience take responsibility for their own enjoyment. Perhaps I was simply well primed for the experience, but my session with EveLynn was probably the most powerful sensate experience of my nearly 60 years of living. Sadly, words are simply insufficient to explain this powerful experience.

Thank you, EveLynn, for being such a wonderful Goddess when I needed you. I only regret that I had not recognized how much I needed this earlier.

SK – St. Petersburg, FL

Saw EveLynn on a day when the rainy cloudy skies and dreary weather matched my mood. When I left my mood was sunny, bright, energized and relaxed. She truly is exceptional and if you haven’t seen her…well…..let’s just say you are lacking a certain level of ‘completeness’ to your life on earth.

OL – Tampa

I know you will have the same feeling that I have when visiting Evelynn. I know that I feel that I am the only one in the world that gets that treatment from such a lovely lady. I know that each time I leave her place I am walking about a foot off of the ground trying to figure out in my head the next time I can get back to her. But it never is soon enough.

RS – Ft Myers


It is very difficult to write a review of EveLynn. (This is my third try.) The problem is trying to describe in words an experience that is fundamentally indescribable. EveLynn has special training and experience with all facets of human sexuality. She has helped me understand my body in new ways, particularly the role of the male G-spot (prostate) as a source of pleasure—both physical and spiritual. With her guidance, I have learned that I am capable of multiple orgasms—with and without ejaculation. After each session, I have remained in a state of bliss and peace for several days. EveLynn embodies femaleness (if that is a word) in a way I have never experienced before—she is nuturing, playful and erotic. In another time and place, EveLynn would have been a sacred prostitute or a geisha. She is such a warm and giving person that I never think of our time together as any sort of commercial transaction.

Besides being lots of fun, my time with EveLynn has been a life changing experience. I give EveLynn my absolutely highest recommendation.

G. Knight – Tampa, FL


From Those Who Appreciate……..

Thank you so much for sharing with me your wisdom, your nurturing and love today.   I felt so nurtured, honored and blessed by you today.   I’m really excited to work more closely with my life force energy and I so appreciate you sharing with me your wisdom as to how to more fully tap into this energy.  I look forward to exploring this more with you.
Have a great evening.
Much love,

Valarie – Orlando, FL


Special one,
I’m still celebrating our meeting, a wonderful day that I will never forget.  You were right, the energy and joy is been passed along to my beloved partner.  Learning to express my  love to her in a very sensual but not sexual way has been so fullfiling.   Having someone to share my sorrow and memories with is priceless.  Spending time with you recharges my commitment as her caregiver.  I’m also experiencing the loving feelings and bondings that we enjoyed.  I’m amazed of how much we had in common.  Thank You again for sharing your wisdom and experience with me.  Looking forward to our future time together.   Love & Hugs

J. – Kissimmee, FL



My heartfelt thanks to you. You are simply amazing. You have cracked open a door that I shut many years ago. My life has been enriched by knowing you. I hope my behavior was appropriate. As you know I do not post on thesite.but wanted you to know that I was completely in a state of (can not find the appropriate word perhaps  passion might be appropriate but much more than that)  that took me completely by surprise as I reflected when I left your presence. I threw caution to the wind and that is so unlike me. Once again until we meet again Thank You.

In awe…..
S. Ness – Trinity, FL

My darling EveLynn –

You are lovely, inside and out. Your body is delectable, exciting, arousing and pleasing. Your mind and heart sing an angelic song and you have an innate sweetness and joy about you that warms all those around you.
You are also extremely skilled at the erotic arts, the ‘just having fun’ arts and the ‘who arted arts’.
A wise, warm, smart, sensitive, perceptive, understanding, compassionate, caring and ‘soul strong’ woman like you is easy to find. You just wait for about once a generation. say 1 out 12 billion.
You are very cute when you’re nekkid.   But no matter how cute you are, nekkid or not, it can not conceal your elegance, class and genuine charm.

VS – Charlotte

Sweet EveLynn,

You bring out the wild and untamed playful side of me. You are a co-creator and muse. You carry a Magdalene spirituality that is magnetic and powerful. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for accepting me with all of my flaws. Thanks for your joy and wisdom. I honor and thank you.

WG – St. Louis

Dearest Beautiful Lady;

From the moment I walked into your home in Atlanta,  I felt like a long lost friend who had not seen you in years.  But the chemistry was all there to make me understand that everything was still perfect.  From the foot massage to the conversation, all the time explaining to me that what I was about to experience would possible change my life change my life ( and boy were you right). And then as I waited for you in the candle lit room, all I could do was imagine what might come next.  Your instructions, your touch, your encouragement all led me to a place that words cannot begin to describe.  It was more than heavenly; it was almost like an out of body experience from every breath to every touch to every mind stimulus.  My entire world is now changed.  I look at things differently.   I often imagine many times over that I was back in Atlanta following the instructions that makes me who I am today.  More than I can say, this was an experience of a lifetime – one that may blow my mind away forever……

And now Tampa here I come – as soon as I can get a bit further south!! .

With Love
Tony  – Dallas


It has been over a week since our meeting in Atlanta and I am still speechless! I feel as if you have opened a door to another universe inside of me. I have been searching for many of the answers you were able to give (so freely, sweetly and wonderfully) for some time now and I feel you have opened my eyes, as far as I would let them, to what I have been feeling for a very long time. On my drive back home I found myself wanting to “check” to see if I could still feel the energies that you were able to help me bring out and feel, not wanting to “lose my place”, as it were. I know there is a long road ahead of me as I try to grasp the enormity of it all. I cannot thank you enough for what I can only so far describe as an exponentially grand epiphany. My only fear so far is that I may get caught up in my day-to-day and lose my newfound ability to feel and pull these energies up. I hope to get to visit you again when I am in the area. Thank you again for all your wonderful help and instruction.  It was truly an experience beyond massage.

Sincerely Yours,
Don  – Atlanta


Thank you for the wonderful experience last week. I never realized I could have that much fun by myself.  Well, I did have you on the other end of the phone guiding me every step of the way but I still reached a new levels on my own.

It was also very nice to talk to you again. I hope that we will be able to meet up sometime in the near future. Thanks again for the incredible experience.

Paul – Charlotte

Hello you wonderful woman!

We are back in the thick of things here, but before the weekend seems a distant memory I wanted to thank you for the special intimacy you shared with Gwen and me yesterday.  Learning the art of sensual massage from you was a treat extraordinaire.   It shifted my perspective into that which is more real, and one of those blossoms of a greater and more real essence is……………………….YOU!   Thank you!

Much love and more,
Rob and Gwen – Miami

Hi EveLynn,

I wanted to drop you a note to say, “THANK YOU” . The sensual massage experience and guidance was much more than I could have imagined. Your warmth and understanding made me feel in such ways that it is to hard to explain. I have a lot of work to do but you have helped me make that 1st step. I know that its up to me to make the first move in my personal relationship and we know what I must do to make it work. I will let you know how we progress. Again, Thank You for your help and understanding. I hope to see you again and we must stay in touch with each other. I will keep you up dated on how I am doing. If you have any input , please let me know.

With All My Love,
Jake – Atlanta

Hi EveLynn,

My head is still spinning, but the world is different somehow, and I am choosing to find God’s gifts and use them. Those old negative voices are still around but I am battling them till I learn to forget them or a least ignore them. I do have a different kind of energy now and for that I am so grateful, so consider me a disciple who’s following a new path.

Talk to you soon.
Mariana – Atlanta



Hi Sweet Lady,

I just wanted to thank you for last night. Your sensual touch  made me feel like I was a man again. I’m still tingling from our session. I’ll never forget you, and one day, I’m hoping we can meet again and continue my sensual education.

Hugs and Kisses,
Charlie from Orlando


Dearest Sister

Safe haven. Place of peace. Place to safely explore. Comfort. Safety. Acceptance. Letting down the guard. Removing the veneer. The real person. Unmasked. Discovered. Ungratifying experiences discarded. More learned about the soul beneath. Enjoying the wonders of womanhood. That’s what it has been all about for me.

Thank you for giving me permission to access my sensual Goddess energy and helping me understand how powerful it can be in healing my wounds.

Lisa – Atlanta

Dear EveLynn:

Thank you for an amazing phone call. I really have to say that Goddess Voice was a wonderful experience for me. I just didn’t want it to stop. I am really looking forward to another session. I would schedule one for tomorrow morning but am not sure if I would be recharged by then 🙂 Although I feel wonderful right now 🙂 Anyway, thank you very much and I will be in touch to schedule another one.

Mark – Charlotte



I am about to call you, but in case I don’t get through I just wanted to let you know what a beautiful, fulfilling evening you shared with me. For you, perhaps, it’s all in a days work; for me it was truly extraordinary. It is a wonderful work you are doing opening a door and giving people a glimpse of a new possibility.

Thanks so much,
James – Atlanta

Dear EveLynn:

Thank you so much for a wonderful sensual healing  session. You are truly a Goddess to channel so much positive energy and joy. I am so glad to spend time with you and be able to take in your light 🙂

Nick – Los Angeles

Hello EveLynn,

I was going to wait until tomorrow to send this, but I wanted to get my thoughts down while everything is still fresh in my mind.

I just wanted to say that spending the Saturday afternoon with you was amazing. I have never felt that comfortable around anyone in my entire life. I did not think it was possible for me to feel comfortable around anyone, and to tell the truth, I was a little skeptical about our meeting. But, I sure am glad I didn’t cancel our meeting because I was too shy or scared, that almost comes instinctively to me. I’ve been replaying the whole meeting through my mind since I left, and I still can’t pick a favorite part. I enjoyed the entire afternoon with you, and I think I learned a lot about myself also. I do apologize for when I left, you asked me how I felt, and I just said, ‘Good, I guess.’ I don’t know what I was thinking, I felt great when I left except for the fact that I had to leave. I do have a hard time showing and expressing emotion. And, ‘I guess’ is something I almost always add when someone asks me how I feel. I think it was still some of my pre-taught beliefs coming through, feeling guilty about sex. I still need to work on that, I guess it’s not easy to change thoughts you’ve been taught for most of your life.

I do want to Thank You for a wonderful afternoon. It was one of my most enjoyable experiences and also very helpful.

Thank you very much,
Brian – Atlanta


Dear EveLynn,

The house is quiet (boys are gone), so I can finally take a moment to tell you what a wonderful experience we had last night, and to thank you again. It was so special, so intimate, so safe and loving. You have a gift, and we feel honored to have met you. I do truly feel like a different person — I think I know what you mean by “juicy”!! Matt and I have looked at each other and smiled all evening. We are anticipating more learning, growing and experiencing.  You are so right!! Sensual Massage speaks a language of it’s own.

Karen – Atlanta


Just a quick note to say how much Karen and I enjoyed our time with you last evening. I we really enjoy talking with you, and I’m willing to bet lots of people do to!!!

We will carry the memory forever and the glow for long time. To say the least, I was surprised of experience’s I had and feel that many things in life are clearer and brighter. I guess you could say I didn’t know that could happen for me.

I just spoke with Karen and she said that she is having trouble concentrating on working!!! Not me!! I’m charged up and getting lots done (with 2 1/2 hours sleep!!). Till we talk and see you again!!

Matt and Karen – Atlanta


I just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I enjoyed our sensual touch session together last Tuesday. You brought me to a new level that I never experienced before. Thanks again and I will contact you again real soon.

Russ – Miami


I wanted to thank you for our session in Atlanta  on Wednesday. I took your advice and purchased the book you recommended. Wow, who would have thought? You really opened my eyes. I will contact you next week for another session.

Paul – Orlando

Dear  EveLynn,

I am back home and reflecting on my trip to Atlanta. Part of me still can’t believe I got up the nerve to come see you. I am glad I did. The sensual massage experience I had at the Sacred Haven has changed me. I found the inner peace I was looking for. I do not feel a need for instant gratification anymore. The shower has strictly been for showers! I will keep you updated on my progress. Your eyes and smile made me feel very comfortable at a point when I didn’t think I could be made comfortable. I hope I get the opportunity to return. Thanks again and best of luck. The world needs more people and places like EveLynn and the Sacred Haven.

Love, Chris – Charlotte

Dearest EveLynn,

I want to Thank You and your Goddess Voice (it should be called Sweet, Sensual Voice). Although we’ve never met in person, which hopefully we’ll change soon . . . I feel as though with met a 100 times just by hearing your Lovely Voice. You’ve taught me how to relax and experience pure bliss with myself . . . you’ve helped me become more aware of what makes me feel good, in other words . . . You’ve made me a better lover and partner to the women I date. I hope to experience your soft voice and tender way for many years to come . . . and I look forward to meeting you in person in the not so distant Future.

Until I hear you Lovely voice again,
Michael – New Jersey


Again, I just wanted to let you know what an extraordinary gift you have. You made me feel as if there was a special energy between us. I was expecting to learn much more about breath control and a heightened sense of sexual energy—you gave me that and much more. Your hands, and yet your body are extraordinary— What can I say–you were simply extraordinary.

Mike – Austin, Texas


You may be a grandmother, yet you are still very lovely, sexy and alluring. You are a very diverse person, I am impressed with the things you know. I enjoy it so when you are honoring me or I am honoring thee. You have helped me learn wonderful things. I am always impressed with you dear lady. No wonder you are so good at what you do. I am very glad that I contacted you back when I did; you have given me many unforgettable experiences. The overall experience is so arousing. I like you as a person as well as a teacher. I have already incorporated the many of your touching techniques with my partner and they are working; touching is so sensual. My own personal climaxes are more intense, and my lovers as well.

RJ – Atlanta

Dear EveLynn,

I wanted to give you a quick note thanking you for our experience the other night. My wife and I were very pleased to have you come over. You deserve a lot of credit seeing as it was our first time meeting with you and being one of our first experiences with additional people. You were able to make us feel very comfortable with you very quickly and that allowed us focus on each other for a deeper session. Without you and your comforting personality we would not have been able to “let go” and get to the stage of learning better how to please each other in our dramatic love making way. Thank you again for teaching us to please each other while we please ourselves as we grow in deeper sensuous walk with each other.

T & T – Woodstock


I have had experience with Taoist massage with two others in the past, one in particular for an extended period of time. However, I must tell you that my sensual massage session with you was superior in every way. The way you controlled and lengthened my orgasm was remarkable. You required no control from me – was able to simply drift and experience, following the guidance of your velvety voice as it directed my breath and my energy flow.

VB – Atlanta

Dear EveLynn,

When I talked with Linda today, I told her I would drop you a note and tell you what a great time we had. The time we had with you was very special. It was warm and sensual open and caring. I would never have believed the warmth and depth of the feelings we had and shared both together and with you. Especially in such a brief period of time. (I also would never have believed I could be so relaxed I could receive the attentions of two women and feel the sensations of an erection but not get an erection) I do not know what your plans are for your training in the area of couples erotic massage but we will volunteer to be your poster children. We will even volunteer to be the object lesson for your class. Linda has the heart and soul to care and give but then you can point at me and say “even this OLE bastard can learn to relax and give and receive”

Fritz – Washington DC


Hi EveLynn,

Fritz and I really enjoyed meeting you on Friday and the time we shared together. I plan to keep Fritz’s skill level up every time he’s in town so he doesn’t forget what you taught him (or me for that matter). I also enjoyed how the evening progressed. Erotic, sensual, soothing and lovely are all words that come to mind. Thank you for taking the time to really share with us. I would love to get together for lunch . . . perhaps week after next. Take care of yourself and hugs to you too.

Linda — Atlanta

Good Evening

……I just had to write and express how very much I enjoyed (and still am) the experience you provided me. I did ( as you said I would) feel such pure pleasure (hope that’s the correct word) that I can’t totally describe it. The feeling of you touching me . . . and hearing your breath. . . your soft sounds of enjoying me touching you added to my high. I truly have a lengthy lasting feeling of pleasure. Thank you for the awakening. . . I hope you will honor me with the opportunity again. Enjoying the memory and visualization. . .

FC – Gainesville

Hey EveLynn:

It was earth moving indeed. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T – Atlanta

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