Goddess Voice

May I have the pleasure of your company? I am EveLynn. I invite you to share an exquisite experience with me. Won’t you join me for several moments of mutually blissful and truly pleasurable energy exchange.?
Treat Yourself to Goddess Voice

Goddess Voice is NOT phone sex; rather it is an intimate and intensely erotic telephonic encounter with a Tantric Goddess. EveLynn is able to put every fantasy into verbal reality, soothing away the cares of the day with a loving, warm sensuous voice belonging to a true Tantric Goddess.

Her desire is to provide you with sacred discrete conversation, soft verbal guidance and true transfer of Goddess/God energy within a relaxing erotic self-pleasuring session.
She knows that you are wonderfully unique. She knows that you wish to experience differently than any other. She listens to your desires and fantasies. She keys into your energy and open your pleasure zones. Without judgment and with encouragement, She will help you understand yourself – your body and your soul. Without judgment and with love, She will honor you and your search for answers and assist you with your quest to achieve your heart’s longing.

By insisting that you plan for and set aside sacred time for your Goddess Voice encounter, she helps you set the mood. By insisting that you plan and prepare a sacred place, she helps you set the stage. This time and this place will forever be yours. EveLynn requires that you begin to honor your sacred sensual within this setting, with our without her participation. As you prepare, be assured that EveLynn is simultaneously preparing for her encounter with you through sensual meditation and sacred ceremony before your call.

Goddess Voice was founded for those who wish to enhance their sacred sensual. Therefore, all who are above the age of 18, with sexual/sensual concerns, fears or fantasies, wanting to rise to a blissful state of high orgasmic energy are honored with respect and love. Gender, sexual orientation, spiritual focus, physical features or challenges are not judged. All Goddess Voice consultations come from loving intent.

You may wish to expand your Goddess Voice experience to include in-person AwakeningBody sessions with EveLynn at a future time. Or, you may never have the opportunity or desire to experience in-person session. But in either situation, you will surely find GoddessVoice to be a wonderful addition to your Erotic Knowledge and Sensual Experience.

Whatever blend of desires you may have, GoddessVoice will become your friend and Sacred Intimate no matter where on this planet you happen to be. The Goddess is but a phone call away. Indulge yourself! Make your wish come true!
How Does It Work?

You may schedule GoddessVoice appointments by using the contact link.

Once you establish an appointment for a GoddessVoice session, you will be emailed an invoice from my Pay Pal account. You may respond by using your credit card, debit card or checking account to pre-pay the consultation fee prior to our session. You do not need a Pay Pal account to complete your transaction.

Other payment options such as pre-paying with money order or personal check may also be possible. Just ask for direction on how to do this.

For appointments initiated by EveLynn, such as wake up or tuck-in services or a GoddessVoice gift to a friend, a surcharge of $10 per 1/2 hour and $15 per hour will apply to cover long distance fees within the US and Canada. All international calls must be initiated by the client.

Basic Rates

Initiated by Client

Initiated by GoddessVoice

30 Minute Consultation



45 Minute Consultation



60 Minute Consultation



90 Minute Consultation