Thank you for your interest in Erotic Escapes and Sensual Retreats with EveLynn.  I look forward planning and sharing this special time with you.
No matter where I am on the planet, I offer a wide variety of Erotic Education, Sexual Healing and Counseling experiences which will open you to your Sacred Sensual and introduce you to sexual energy as your life force – literally your fountain of youth.
The time we share  will be relaxed, erotic, spontaneous and very playful and exploratory.  There is so much to choose from to enhance our magical time together, including sensual foods,  sacred bathing and grooming,  warm candle glow and soft sensual music, warm oils and all within an exquisite discrete exotic healing sanctuary.
I cannot give you a “lesson plan” because each person is different and each experience is different.  I can tell you the basics of what I do and tell you that my work is sacred and will take you to places you have not yet been and teach you things about yourself that you desire to learn.  You will learn to be in the moment – to be spontaneous and expressive – to literally be out of your mind and into your body and soul.
In general you will be learning about and experiencing multiple orgasm and the g spot – both yours and your beloved’s.  In addition I will  teach you the power of sensual touch – so that you learn to explore  – self and myself. –  totally and with all of your senses.  I show you by touching you and by guiding you as you touch  and explore.  It is a very interactive experience. And very honoring of all!! Plus it is great fun!   I insist on spending most of the time in the nude – I am a nudist/naturist .  I will encourage you to be nude as much as possible.  Body acceptance and self–awareness is a major part of this work.  However, dressing up and playing fantasy roles is also very fun – given the opportunity I can share a variety of role playing scenarios with you. 
Note:  The following donation guidelines are suggested donations for my time, my knowledge, wisdom and companionship.  They do not include our lodging or meeting place.  Since we will be exploring body acceptance and awareness,  I highly recommend that you choose a location from  the following resources.  
In the Orlando Kissimmee area, I highly recommend this booking company.  The private town homes featured are very private and have a small pool as well.  The rates for a fully furnished home with privacy for nudity and relaxation  are perfect for an intimate retreat.  
In the Tampa Bay area,  if you are interested in a clothing optional retreat experience,  I highly recommend  one of two clothing optional resorts.  Either Paradise Lakes or Caliente   In either case,  there are opportunities to rent directly from condo owners.  The resort amenities however, may charge a daily grounds fee for use of the pool and restaurant and bars. 
I would be happy to share additional information about either the very private and discrete or the actual resort atmosphere with you.  

Sensual Days or Sensual Evenings with EveLynn

A Sensual Afternoon Escape totaling 3 to 4 hours, would be a wonderful gift to self.  The afternoon session would begin around noon or 1 pm and end at 3 or 4 pm.

A Sensual Evening Escape (4 or 5 hours)   would begin between 5 and 7.   Treating Evelynn to dinner, either dining in or dining out, would earn you brownie points and an additional hour of her company.

The customary donation structure for Erotic  Escape packages are:

Sensual Afternoon Escape (3.0 hour) –  $720

Sensual Afternoon or Evening Escape (4.0 hour) – $960

Sensual Evening Escape (5.0-hour) – 1200

All Day Erotic Escape (8 hours) – $1700

Sensual Overnight Retreats with EveLynn

This option is available and open to negotiation depending on how many day/nights and hours per day you wish to spend with her.  Please understand that she would require her own private sleeping area, so a 2- bedroom accommodation would be necessary.

Donation Methods

A 50% deposit will reserve an intensive package for you and also begin the planning for your Sensual Escape. You may use credit/debit card,  or other discrete payment vehicles to transfer funds to Sacred Haven, or you may send via Federal Express,  UPS or certified mail a personal check or money order made payable to Sacred Haven.  The mailing address will depend on where I am at the time of your deposit. The balance would then be paid at the close of our time together. You may also use a credit card (Am Exp, Visa, MC) to fund your entire Escape in advance.    However there is a 5% handling charge for credit card or other payment methods which discount my receipt of funds.

Let me know if you need additional information or have a delightful fantasy you would like to experience.  I know you have a million questions.  Of course,  I will send you directions and finalize things like favorite foods, beverages, etc, after we have confirmed the reservation and deposit. I always suggest that we set a time to talk on the phone prior to scheduling our intensive together.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Love and Light to you !