Dearly Beloved,

You may request any of these Sacred Honoring ceremonies be incorporated into your session of two or more hours. Simply include your request at the time you schedule your session with EveLynn. It is customary to honor her with additional donation for these special blessings and make sure you allow ample time to include the ceremony. The exception would be that in the Erotic Escape and Retreat sessions  you may request any of the Honoring ceremonies to be incorporated.

Sacred Sensual Bathing

Ancient sacred sexuality ceremonies often included bathing and anointing one’s beloved. The exquisite feeling to be pampered with loving touch and the pouring of water over and upon one’s body nurtures and cleanses body and soul. Organic soaps and shampoos combined with purified water at just the right temperature with soft light and music create all the right touches. Feeling squeaky clean in the arms of your beloved is an extra plus. Treat yourself to this intimate interactive experience. It is exquisite, erotic and pleasurable beyond words. The Sacred Sensual Bathing ceremony at Sacred Haven is celebrated in a lovely over-sized shower area and will truly set the mood for what is to follow.  In the summer months, this ceremonial intimacy may (upon request) be moved to the private, totally fenced  heated spa and pool area at Sacred Haven Kissimmee where Watsu like floating and weightless connection is exquisite.

Please request at the time you schedule, additional preparation is required.

Add 30 minutes to your scheduled session for Sacred Shower experience. An appropriate added donation would be $25
Add 45 minutes to your scheduled session for Sacred Pool Ceremony.  An appropriate added donation would be  $50. (available only at Sacred Haven – Kissimmee)

Sacred Sensual Barbering (available only at Sacred Haven Kissimmee)

What an intimate and very erotic sacred sensual ceremony to add to your Sacred Sensual Bathing. It is truly an Erotic Spa experience. Your beautiful genital area will be gently and expertly barbered and styled to your specifications. A soft covering on your eyes will shield you from the necessary glare of light and organic lotions and gel will be used to ward off post-irritation experiences. Whether you prefer closely cropped pubic growth or baby soft bareness, to relax and receive gentle attention to your most intimate and sacred bodily parts can only be described as playfully exotic.

Please request at the time you schedule, additional preparation is required.

Add 30 minutes to your scheduled session. An appropriate added donation would be  $50

The following Sacred Honorings are included upon request  in any scheduled session  2 hours or more with no additional expected donations:

Sensate Focus and Eye Gazing

As you sit across from or lay beside the Goddess, she will capture your eyes and hold them with loving intent. As you delve deeply into the windows of each others soul, you will softly, slowly and silently touch and explore each other, sometimes in unison and sometimes alone. As you explore you will feel the magic explode. As you synchronize your breath, you will feel joyous in your celebration of each other. It is a very sensual and exotic experience.

Sacred Sensual God Spot Honoring (Prostate Massage)*

The most misunderstood and repressed aspect of human sexuality resides, in my opinion, to attitudes of shame about the male god-spot. This magical energetic point in the male is located in the area of his prostate gland.. Notice I said located in the “area of” his prostate. He does not need his prostate to experience the beauty of his g-spot.

External and internal massage of his g-spot, when done properly and lovingly, not only brings him to a whole new awareness of his manhood, but is also one of the most healthy things he can do to promote ongoing prostate health. If he is without his prostate, this Sacred Honoring will heal his wounding and help him to attain even more powerful orgasmic experiences than when his prostate was present. Whether it is your first experience or a regular indulgence, sharing the Sacred Sensual Honoring of your god-spot would be my honor.

*Please request god spot honoring at the time of booking your session. I will never assume that you desire to experience this ceremony (even if I have shared this with you many times) and will not embarrass you by asking. Sacred Sensual God-Spot Honoring requires no additional time and additional donation is not expected.

Sacred Stone Melting Ceremony

When your body aches with stress or muscle soreness, ask me to treat you with a very powerful Sacred Stone Melting. This ceremony is incorporated into your Tantra Touch and Sensual Blending Session using very warm stones, in a procedure that literally melts away the stress. Combined with homeopathic and herbal unguents which are directed at the source of your discomfort, the Sacred Stone Melting is unlike anything you may have experienced in the current hot stone therapies. Please request this when you schedule your preparation is necessary.

The following Sacred Sensual Honorings may be included in Sensual Guidance & Intimacy Coaching Sessions  upon request.

Sacred Sensual Honoring of Divine Feminine

Each of us has a desire to honor Divine Union with our inner mate. Often this is expressed beautifully in Sacred Ceremony directed at an embodiment of that inner mate. As a practitioner of Sacred Sexuality, I am an embodiment of Divine Feminine Energy (often referred to as Goddess Energy).   I would be the receiver of your acknowledgment and expression of devotion to Divine Feminine.  This is sometimes referred to as Goddess Worship. However, that term has also come to denote submissiveness and domination of the beloved. That is not the intent of this ceremony. There are many ways that you might desire to express this devotion. Perhaps it is an honoring of my feet, or of my breasts, or my yoni (an honoring of the portal through which you came into this life.) Perhaps it is wishing to sit at my feet or perform Temple chores. Perhaps you have additional ideas. Know that your desires will be respectfully received and considered with gratitude and reverence.  Contact me to discuss your desires

Sacred Ceremonies of Your Wildest Dreams

Have I left something out? Is there something you wish to experience and yet have not shared with another being? Perhaps I can be the one with whom you finally bring your fantasy into reality. I would be honored to help you if it is within my power and comfort level to do so. Depending on the Ceremony you wish to experience, there may or may not be an additional expected donation.

For additional information or questions concerning Sacred Sensual Honorings please use the Contact Link to inquire.