Private Enrichment Experiences for Gentlemen 

The Sacred Haven sanctuary and EveLynn’s home is  located in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.  The Haven is a very warm and sacred space  filled with a sense of well-being and welcoming energy.  Sacred Haven  provides a discrete and safe opportunity to let all the stress and anxiety of the outside world disappear.   You will leave refreshed and rejuvenated, looking forward to the time that you can visit again.

IMG_4009The Healing Sanctuary at Sacred Haven

Each Private Experience at Sacred Haven is designed to address individual concerns unique to gentlemen of all ages and their relationship with self and with others.  With that in mind,  the screening policy is designed to insure compatibility, safety, discretion and respect for both parties involved.

To that end,  prior to requesting additional information, please review the website information, then use the contact link to introduce yourself.  Once I receive your request,  I will respond with return email reply which provides information specific to your introduction and may also request additional information from you.  Then if I feel we are compatible,  we can arrange a telephone, SKYPE or Zoom connection to arrange a time to meet in person.

All Awakening Body Experiences are by appointment only with starting times between 10 am and 7 pm. Evening experiences require a 2.0 hour minimum and weekend appointments a 2.5 hour minimum.  The information below is a general guideline to explain how I approach my private experiences for gentlemen.

An Introduction to Sacred Sexuality for Gentlemen

Tantra Touch – It’s ALL ABOUT YOU!!  is the place to begin for gentlemen new to the concepts of Sacred Sexuality or those wanting to simply “zone out.”  This 90-minute one-way touch experience is designed to re-connect you with your body and its potential for sensual pleasure. Your entire being is awakened with lingering, sensual touch and enhanced with total relaxation and conscious breathing.  During the session the focus will be on keeping you in a state of bliss for a long period of time. You will literally discover that your sensual energy is your life force energy and should be available at all times!!

Customary Donation for Tantra Touch – It’s ALL ABOUT YOU!! 
90-minute introductory experience – $350
(available Monday thru Friday excluding holidays 
start times between 10 am and 4 pm only)

Tantra Touch & Sensual Awakening  is a full-body,  somewhat interactive experience which incorporates sensate focus and energetic bodywork.  You will be introduced to the relationship of breath to orgasmic energy as well as the elements of Sexological Bodywork.   Sexological Bodywork has its origins in indigenous spiritual practices such as Tantra and Taoism.  You will learn how to isolate orgasmic energy from the urge to release, thus having the ability to utilize your orgasmic energy throughout the day to fuel your creative juices.

You will leave feeling calm and very much at peace, while at the same time focused and alert.  These feelings often stay with you for days.

Customary Donations for Tantra Touch & Sensual Awakening Experiences
2.0 hours  – $400 (available Monday thru Friday – excluding holidays – with start times between 10 am and 7 pm only)
2.5 hours  -  $450 (may also be confirmed on weekends – a confirmation deposit may be required) 

Sensual Guidance and Intimacy Coaching 

When it is time to take the Introductory experiences to the next level,  there are a variety of options to consider.  These experiences are customized and co-created by you and EveLynn once you have experienced at least one of the experiences above.