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The links and banners featured on this site are specifically chosen by EveLynn because she knows the practitioners to be ethical, professional and effective in their approaches to sexual wellness.  No two practitioners offer the same type of experience.  Some work directly with the client using interactive touch, some do not.  Some offer amazing energetic support or therapeutic counseling that catalyzes transformation.  Others offer workshops and gathering experiences. Many offer spiritual guidance.

When seeking professional assistance, no matter what your motivation, do your homework. Ask questions, ask for references.  Never expect more than is offered.


Talia Amour:  A talented and very erotic  belly dancer,  Talia is mesmerizing!  Don’t let her youthful and playful nature fool you.  She is wise beyond her years.  She is often found in Tampa Bay and Central Florida.  She loves to travel and can also be found in wonderful places such as NYC and Dallas.  Be sure to subscribe to her newsletter for up to the minute updates.

Damara:  This divinely mystical being uses her sacred body work skills in conjunction with some beautiful in-pool relaxation therapy known as Watsu.  She is also located in the Kissimmee area.


Dr. Mitchell Tepper: Dr. Tepper specializes in working with individuals and copies who are challenged with disabilities which inhibit the body to interact in normally acceptable erotic and intimate exchanges.  He is a published author and well sought speaker. He can be found mostly in the Atlanta area.  

North Carolina 

Marsha Rand, LMFT, CST: Marsha founded the Maitri Center for Women in Asheville, NC.  As a holistic resource for women of all ages, Maitri is a powerful avenue for women to grow into all they can be.  Marsha’s education and dedication to the wholeness of being makes her a perfect friend and mentor.

Boston area,  Seattle and who knows where

Isis Phoenix:    Isis is an extraordinary and beautiful practitioner and teacher.  She is located in the Boston area where she also enjoys teaching Naked Yoga as well as Pelvic Hearth Integration.  She will be in residence in Seattle between May and October 2016.   She is a dear friend and sister goddess.


Ina Laughing Winds: The Chuluaqui Quodoushka sacred sexual teachings,  handed down from ancient cultures of the Americas, are deeply integrated in Ina’s private counseling practice and workshop experiences.

Leela Sullivan:  Leela is a versatile and whimsical Goddess who loves to produce Cuddle Parties,  anoint with essential oils  and discover the deepest parts of your spiritual side.  She also loves to travel and may show up in your area at any given time

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD:  Ray offers powerful private and group seminars via Skype and phone to those who wish to delve deeply into the anatomy of energy and the role our sexual energy plays on a cosmic level.  The Path of the Sexual Shaman is a powerful tool to add to your life.


Betty Martin:  Betty calls Seattle home; but she travels often presenting workshops, mentoring and simply honoring her wanderlust.  As a former health care professional, she brings abundant knowledge and wisdom into her erotic education practice. Of late she spends a great deal of time teaching in the UK seaside town of Dawlish.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Trysta: Trysta honors a variety of approaches to sensual consciousness from stern discipline to nurturing compassion.  She can be found at various times in the Tampa Bay/Orlando  area as well as in her new Las Vegas home.


Rafe Eric Biggs, PhD: Rafe lives and practices in the San Francisco area.  His personal experience with spinal cord injury gives him first hand expertise on the challenges and opportunities around the topic of sex and the differently-abled.
Ian Ellington: A strong medical background combined with extensive knowledge and wisdom about sex and spirit are the gifts Ian brings to his students and workshops.  His private practice is primarily targeted toward men of all gender orientations and lifestyles.
Jaiya: Hostess of Voice America’s “Sex with  Jaiya,” co-producer of an artistic educational video series on sex and spirit, Jaiya has a  busy life which also include a successful private practice.


Tantra Nova: This couple owned private practice is a beautiful way to connect to self and each other.  Both Elsbeth and Freddy are amazing teachers and guides, whether they are working together or individually.


Gayle Michaels: Gayle is truly a wise and mature being who offers a body, mind, spirit approach to sensual wellness.  She can be found most often in the Austin area.

Charla Hathaway:  Charla created magic where ever she goes.  She offers private sessions and wonderful erotic events in the Austin, Texas area.  Her newsletter is chock full of wonderful information and playful wisdom.

The United Kingdom

Sea School of Embodiment

Shakti Tantra

Organization, Educational Opportunities and Related Information

AASECT:  American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists

New School of Erotic Touch:  Founded by Dr. Joseph Kramer,  this on-line resource for sensual touch and erotic education is a must see. is an amazing online resource for all things related to Sacred Sexuaality.

Nude Recreation Information : BEACHES Foundation is a great site to visit to get objective information about nude recreation.  BEACHES was founded by Shirley Mason of Dade County, Florida,  also one of the Founders of Haulover Beach’s nude recreation area, the premier legal nude beach in the US.

AANR: American Association of Nude Recreation is a national organization that promotes family oriented clothing optional recreation in the US.  The focus of AANR is on member facilities with landed amenities.

The Naturist Society: Founding by the late Lee Baxendahl,  TNS is best known for it’s publication The World Guide to Nude Beaches.  This organization focuses on promoting true naturist (fully nude in nature) experiences throughout the world

Bare Necessities Tour and Travel.  The premier nude recreation experiences.  Chartered nude cruises catering to those who enjoy experiencing the finer things in life au naturel!  Sacred-sexuality workshops offered on board!!

Blogs & Newsletters

Sexual Intelligence: Marty Klein, PhD

Being Shameless : Pamela Madsen

Directories of Erotic Entertainers and Educators

Sacred Eros:  a directory of Sacred Intimates, Tantra practitioners, sensual massage and sexual healing and coaching – across the US. Includes articles and workshops too.