Thank you for your inquiry about my sessions when traveling within Florida.  My home and sanctuary is in the Orlando/Kissimmee area.    However,  I try to visit the Tampa Bay,  South Florida and Southwest Florida  area on a regular basis.   When I do visit these areas,  I have a variety of pre-screened, very discrete hotel properties available to me and with a bit of ceremony and decor arranging make the atmosphere warm and inviting as well as very sensual.

As I schedule only two, maximum three, sessions per day, my session availability is limited and I may ask for an advance deposit to confirm, unless we have met in person or I have interviewed you on the phone.

I do hope I have the opportunity to meet you and spend some quality time tantalizing your body and soothing your soul.

Introduce Yourself

You already know a great deal about me. Now it’s your turn. If we are meeting for the first time, please respond to this email and tell me a bit about you and what you hope to address or experience during our time together. Age, weight, height, relationship status, health concerns and medications that you are taking are also important considerations. Also, how did you find me? What are your sexual/sensual concerns, desires and fantasies?

Once I have reviewed this information then we can talk on the phone or continue an on-line discussion and then determine if we are comfortable in scheduling time together. That being said, it is important to understand that not everyone is a fit for what I do. And that’s totally okay. It is important to make that determination before you are invited to visit.

If I feel by your emailed answers that a phone interview is in order, then you will be asked to call and we can then set some time together.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When we speak on the phone, please refrain from discussion of session details or fees for sexual services. I am a teacher of sacred sensuality philosophies and practices and an erotic educator, not a provider of sexual services. Please make sure when you call you have read my site and the information provided and understand that your phone call to me is to set a time for us to meet and answer any questions you might have about philosophy or direction.

Ambiance: Creating an atmosphere that is sacred, safe, discrete, romantic and erotic is very important. Much care and preparation is given to making sure that no matter where I meet my beloveds they feel safe, secure, honored and respected.

For that reason, I schedule within a morning, afternoon or evening time frame. You will never feel rushed out the door to make room for another. Nor will you ever feel compromised or judged for your concerns or thoughts.

Donations: ALWAYS feel free to request references before you commit to your session with me. Under certain circumstances you might offer or be asked to deposit if you schedule an intensive (3 hours or more) of my time.

Your donation is always to Sacred Haven, never to me personally. The amounts suggested are examples of customary contributions for learning and healing experiences. In addition to cash, checks or money orders, credit and debit cards may also be used through Pay Pal.

Personal Gifts: Should you wish to bring me a personal gift, as a remembrance of our time together or to add to the ambiance of your own experience candles, flowers, a bottle of wine, gift certificates or a cash honoring are always received with deep appreciation. Please know, however, that they are neither expected or required. Your presence and confidence is an honor in and of itself.

Confirmation: You will be asked to call and confirm your session on the day it is scheduled. If at all possible, please give me a cell phone number to contact you at the last minute in the case of an emergency.

Cancellations: Should you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please grant me the courtesy of a phone call to let me know as soon as you are aware of the change in plans. Any deposit you might have made will be applied to a future in-person or Goddess Voice session. I understand that things happen, and even if you simply change your mind, please be courteous enough to contact me and let me know. No-shows without a courtesy call forfeit a deposit and also run the risk that you will not be given another chance to visit me.

For your consideration, I offer you the following:


The session lengths below are in relationship to customary donations. Please tell me if you are on a time limit. I am not a clock watcher. Each session takes on it’s own energy and each person is different. A great part of what I teach is about being in the moment.

Sensual Blending is where we begin if you are new to the concept of Sacred Sensuality or those wanting to truly “zone out.” If this is your first visit, plan to spend about 15 -20 additional minutes for a get-acquainted discussion period. Sensual Blending will re-connect you with your body and its potential for pleasure. Using lingering sensual touch, breath and total relaxation, your body and soul will be awakened inch by inch, cell by cell. The focus will be on keeping you in a state of bliss for an extended period of time. It is a full-body, interactive experience which incorporates sacred spot (prostate) massage upon request. This erotic experience will leave you with feelings of energetic calm and peace for several days.

Customary donations for Tantra Touch & Sensual Blending are:

2.0 hours – $350

2.5 hours – $425



NOTE: Sensual Guidance & Intimacy Coaching Sessions require at least one prior Sensual Blending or Goddess Voice session with EveLynn or another Tantra Goddess who will give reference. If you wish to schedule a Goddess Voice session prior to this visit, please read the information on the website and contact EveLynn by email to set up a time.

In a Sensual Guidance Session, you will learn to give as well as receive Tantra Touch & Sensual Blending. You will become familiar with Taoist Erotic Massage techniques and Tantra ceremonies such as the honoring lingam and yoni. You will also learn to incorporate the magic of breath and ritual into your sensual encounters. Sensual Coaching may include self-pleasuring guidance, confidence building exercises as well as Fantasy Play as an honoring and judgmental way to explore and experience possibilities which may not be available in your “real world.”

Customary Donations for Sensual Guidance & Intimacy Coaching are:

2.0 hours $450

2.5 hours $500


Customized Sensual Experiences
Escape with EveLynn
Also available as Outcall for returning clients or clients with verified reference

It’s been a busy few weeks for you: some of it trying and some of it exhilarating. You love what you do; yet, there are times when you feel drained, alone, under appreciated, misunderstood and just plain out of gas!  If only you could find …

A mature and affectionate companion who enjoys
your company,
your conversation,
your compassion and
your passion;

A sensual and erotic lover who will
tantalize you with touch, and
create an energy within which time stands still;

A sanctuary where you can experience
pampering, and
pleasure beyond words;

An intense long-lasting experience that will leave the rest of the world behind.

Search no more……

I am that mature and affectionate companion;

I am that sensual and erotic lover;

I am that sanctuary that will catalyze your wholeness,

create peaceful ambiance and pamper you into a pleasurable state beyond words.

I am the one who can catalyze that intense long-lasting experience that will leave the rest of the world behind.

Come and Experience Me.

Come spend an afternoon, an evening, a day, two days or more with me.

Come and Retreat with me;

Come and let me feed your soul.

Let me give you your heart’s desire;

Let me plan our fantasy together.


(incall – for outcall travel time and expense varies)

3 Hours – $575

4 Hours – $650

5 Hours – $725

Evening and Overnight – $1100


Please let me know some times when you are available to your visit. Then we can chat on the phone or IM on Google chat or YAHOO to confirm the time and the place.

I am not usually available for outcall and prefer to accept students at my location by appointment only. However, if outcall is your only option, please let’s discuss it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Love and light to you,

Sacred Haven – on the road