by Mare Simone

Tantra purifies the body and mind through the activation of energy. The benefits of this activating force are not limited by gender. The practice of Tantra can bring more vitality and rejuvenating life forces to both men and women. This is especially so when the heightened states of erotic bliss are accompanied by an intention to direct the energy in a positive way.
For a woman, Tantra assists her in realizing her true divine nature as the feminine principal. When a woman is capable of deeply relaxing and thereby expanding her consciousness during sex, she becomes a gateway to the sacred forces that create life. As she opens herself in high sexual states, effulgent rays of energy fill her and nourish her being. When a woman is stimulated sexually for focused and extended periods of time, she opens so deeply that she taps into Source. She becomes a channel and in her orgasm she and her partner are energized. They are bathed together and blessed in the creative forces of live. At that time she is capable of experiencing her divine nature as a vessel for love and creativity.
The thoughts and especially the statements that are made in the timeless space of orgasm become infused with the life giving powers.
When a woman is in prolonged states of orgasm, the energy that her orgasm generates is charged with creative forces. Potentially it’s a time of great spiritual expansion and physical manifestation. At this time, enlightenment and enormous energy shifts can take place. This is a time of great creative power. The tantrics regard it as such by using the vitality that stems from heightened sexuality to fortify their bodies and their minds. The longer they remain in that heightened state, the more power and energy they derive. When tantrics use this force in a conscious and specific way, it affords them greater access to the unlimited bliss of sexual pleasure. It is a doorway that opens the passage to our brain and beyond.
When a woman is opening in various stages of orgasm, she may release a fluid called Amrita. It is a sacred bath from the Mother that purifies and awakens the psyche. When this occurs it often brings about a cleansing and purification. Transformations happen which sometimes are accompanied by emotions of tears and laughter. It is a release on a very deep level that can heal and awaken.
From that prospective, orgasm becomes a union with the Creator. Each consecutive orgasm takes her deeper into the realms of the sacred. The infinite unknown. The place where there is no ego or separation. There is only union. Melting and merging. When a woman is taken deep within her orgasmic bliss this sacred union occurs. Each time she continues to ejaculate Amrita, she becomes more purified and radiant. She and anyone touched by this high-level of orgasmic experience become bathed and surrounded in its glowing warmth. In this way, Amrita could be considered the true fountain of youth. It illuminates and blesses all those whom it touches. The more often a woman ejaculates, the higher her psychic/orgasmic states become. Also, her Amrita becomes sweeter and more purified with each consecutive ejaculation. I have noticed that after a woman has ejaculated several times, her ability to orgasm also becomes stronger and longer. It becomes deeper and in time, easier to access. She reaches heightened states of sensitivity both internally and throughout her body. She becomes aligned with her higher self through her orgasmic nature.

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