EVELYNN – A Love Elder and Sensual Sage

 EveLynn  is a Wise Mature Woman who Radiates the Goddess within her being.
She is a Compassionate Confidante;
She is a Tender Nurturer;
She is a Spiritual Warrior and Devoted Priestess;
She is Respected Teacher and Inspiring Life Coach;

EveLynn embodies the many faces of Divine Feminine.

Having accumulated an abundance of learning and loving experiences in this lifetime, EveLynn understands that a path toward enlightenment is not always an easy road to travel.  As a wise-older-woman, she combines her early calling with her rich life experiences, and offers wisdom, insightful understanding and unconditional love to those who seek her counsel and her touch. She approaches her teachings in an uninhibited yet spiritual style, putting those she mentors at complete ease with body and soul. She gives her students permission to laugh and discover joy, playfully dancing in bliss and pleasure.

In the late 90’s, EveLynn founded The Awakening Body, a unique Sensual Healing practice in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In August of 2006 she expanded her practice and moved her focus to the Tampa Bay area, and subsequently settled into the Orlando/Kissimmee location that truly became a Sacred Haven.  After spending three years in Southern Wisconsin, she will move Sacred Haven back to the Tampa Bay area for the winter months and then re-visit Southern Wisconsin.

EveLynn’s  teachings incorporate sensual awareness, conscious breathing, relaxation and a blending of energies into a truly healing, empowering and orgasmic experience.

EveLynn has completed the Certified Sexological Bodyworker program developed and taught by Dr. Joseph Kramer.  This certification is the first of its kind to be recognized in California as a valid therapeutic modality.  She is currently completing a doctoral program in holistic life coaching.

Most recently,  she has embraced educating and encouraging those who are challenged with extra-ordinary circumstances that seem to inhibit sexual expression and intimacy.  With the help of those clients who wish to explore, she is developing profound new ways to re-structure and realign with sexual energy as a healing force.  Focus  included in this expanded and exciting direction might include sex and the disabled  (Sexabilities) as well as sex and aging (Naked at Our Age).  Her outreach is to couples and individuals who are seeking an understanding, compassionate and playful coach who is willing to explore non-traditional expressions of intimacy.  She specializes in addressing performance issues such as premature ejaculation, unreliable erection, sexual repression, sexual fantasy and fetish, physical and emotional challenges and lack of sexual knowledge or confidence.  She offers these healing sessions to adult (over 18) men, women and couples of all spiritualities, ages, races, and cultural backgrounds regardless of sexual orientation.

While the majority of her “knowingness” comes from her heart, she treasures the wisdom from the many philosophies and teachers who have happened into her life.  She is a founding member and former President of ASEP (Association of Sexual Energy Professionals).

In addition to her private sessions which catalyze sexual healing, she offers mentoring programs for those who wish to embrace the role of and the commitment to be the catalyst.   Periodically EveLynn offers workshops and playshops which focus on Sexual Energy as Life Force.  She is also available for telephone and video consultations.